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Once upon a time, international phone call amplifiers buzzed here. The signal started it's voyage in Trieste, crossed Udine, jumped over Predel, got amplified in this house, and then continued under ground throught Villach all the way to Vienna.


about the hotel

Stories from our town

Bovec has a long history. It was a station on the Roman route from Aquileia to Noricum. It also witnessed the arrival of French, Turkish and Habsburg armies and the destructive Isonzo front in World War I. In the past, the old transport route that connected Trieste with Vienna was very important to Bovec, while, later on, the battles of World War I were played out in this area.

Throughout history, the Bovec region always had the status of a strategically important border county and the people successfully preserved their national heritage and typical dialect. The history of Bovec is full of stories that were written by great historical characters. One of these was Andrej Stergulc (1927–2002) who was an amateur researcher of local history, collector and the first mayor of Bovec municipality in independent Slovenia.

BOVEC CHEESE – A full-flavoured sheep’s cheese with many centuries of cheese-making history behind it.
BEEKEEPING – It began in the 19th century with an endemic Slovenian species of bee, the Carniolan honey bee. At the time there were 625 registered hives.
HUNTING AND FISHING – A family tradition that can still be felt today as a special energy, knowledge and enjoyment.
IRONMONGERY and MINING – A wealth of knowledge about military artefacts and events. The miners from the Bovec region were a special breed of miner who had a positive effect on the character of the people in this area.
WOOD – The locals have an extensive expertise about the forest, the many uses of wood and how to create a wide range of products.
MOUNTAIN GUIDES – Its beginning goes back to the 19th century when the first mountain lodge was built in the Mangart Saddle.
FLAVOURS FROM THE REGION -  Dishes with their own names influenced by the dialect – “Čompe an skuta” (baked potatoes with cottage cheese) and “Bovški krafi” (Bovec doughnuts). 

about the hotel


At the Dobra Vila library there is a wonderful collection of books, magazines and even comics for you to browse through. Every guest will surely find something to suit their taste and many have even gifted us the book they were travelling with. Our library is currently home to over 36 metres of books from both Slovenian and world literature. And as Ernest Hemingway said,

“All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened”.
(Ernest Hemingway).

dobra vila
dobra vila

about the hotel

Garden and terrace

Our guests call it the white terrace due its characteristic white flowers. This part of the hotel is perfect for relaxing and taking in the view of the nearby mountain. When the weather is nice, it is the ideal place to unwind and take in the sunshine. Some guests like to make this their reading spot, taking their time to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine in good company. We always say that you should let time stop still for a while...

about the hotel

Wine cellar

The dobra vila wine cellar has a special place in the house. It is here that we store wine from some of the best Slovenian growers from winegrowing regions such as Goriška Brda, the Vipava valley, Kras, the coastal region and the Štajerska region. The Dobra Vila wine menu offers a wide range of wines to choose from. Our offer includes white and red wines, as well as sparkling wines. And as the poet Livio Jakomin once said, “Love, grapes and toil have spun a most wonderful magical potion”.

At the Dobra Vila wine cellar we offer tastings for smaller groups. One of our distinguished winemakers present our guests with the wine story.

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