Bovec is today a tourist center

Nature of the Soca valley and diverse offer are ideal for a relaxing break or an active holiday.



The Soča valley

from the trenta valley, the river soča descends into the bovec basin, surrounded by the wonderful mountains: the kanin mountain group with its highest peak of kanin (2,587m) and the slightly lower peaks of svinjak and polovnik. Today, Bovec is a full of tourist activities: the high mountain ski resort on Kanin offers Alpine, touring and freeride skiing until late spring, by which time the valley is in full swing at the start the summer season. Bovec and its surroundings are rich in water resources. The steep tributaries of the River Soča create magical waterfalls, pools and gorges: the waterfalls of Boka and Virje, the large basins of the River Soča, Lepenjica stream, Šunik water grove, Sušec canyon, Slatenik and much more.

The Soča Valley also has three groups of hiking paths to choose from:
  - The Soča Trail is a route that goes through the Triglav National Park, along the River Soča from its spring all the way to Bovec. It connects calm, peaceful and hidden parts of the River Soča with its recognisable hanging bridges (length: 25km).
  - The Walk of Peace connects the regions, people, cultural and natural heritage of the former Isonzo front from World War I.
  - The attractive Alpe Adria Trail is a hiking route that takes you through three countries (Austria, Slovenia and Italy).


Active vacation

Road cycling and mountain biking on diverse terrain with various levels of difficulty, mountain hiking or high mountain tours in the Triglav National Park with its Julian Alps, kayaking and rafting on the River Soča, canyoning, fishing, horse-riding (at the Blata estate), golf, zipline, caving. A speciality of Bovec is its well-kept recreational airport, where in recent years parachuting, panoramic flights and flying gliders have become popular.

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